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Learn and compare the top 10 payroll services available in today’s market. Discover how this software works.

Payroll services are one of the main backbones of a successful business. Paying employees is a must for any business, and payroll software helps facilitate and automate this process for savvy business managers.

The payroll services world is a complex one. Different software provides various benefits and features. From form automation to tax filing, to payment disbursement.

We’ve compiled the definitive list of the top payroll service providers and their most important features. Use this list to choose the payroll service provider that best fits your need and you’ll be well on your way to a more efficient and more successful business.

What is a Payroll System?

A payroll system is a software that is designed to help you organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of your employee’s taxes. The tasks of payroll software include: withholding taxes, keeping track of employee hours, calculating deductions, and calculating wages. Payroll software can also print & deliver checks, pay premium to insurance providers, and pay employment taxes to the government.

Payroll software mostly requires very minimal input from the employer. Most of the time, you will only have to input the wage of your employee, information, and hours. The software will use this information to do the calculations and deduct withholdings automatically. Most payroll software updates tax law changes automatically, and it will also remind you when to file different tax forms.

Choosing the Right Payroll System

Choosing a payroll system that is right for your business is important. Deciding which payroll system to select from the list that we have provided can be difficult, but there are some factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a payroll system. First, you have to analyze the size of your company, and then you must decide how much you are willing to pay for payroll processing.

By analyzing the size of your business, and determining your budget, you can now narrow down the list of payroll software that we have provided and that will make your selection much more manageable.

Should I Still Use Payroll System for My Small Business?

Payroll apps help spot and clear errors in the payroll process. Payroll apps can also reduce time spent calculating tax withholdings, employee hours, and employee wages. Payroll software is very easy to use and can be cheap even for small businesses. Sometimes, small businesses might save some money by choosing payroll processing software instead of other alternatives.

Small business owners can even purchase an affordable payroll system that is accessible on their computer, or even through a cloud service by using a pay-as-you-go model.

Also, small business owners can have more control over the payroll process by using payroll software. It will allow the business to compile reports, and it also allows the business owners to make changes instantly if needed. It will be more efficient than trying to create reports manually or if you will hire a third party payroll company to make the necessary changes.

Top 10 Payroll and Payroll websites

We ranked the best Payroll websites so that you can find what you need.

Last updated: 2024-07-15



Description & Features




795 Data points

Payroll Software & Services for Small Business | Intuit ...
Payroll Software & Services for Small Business | Intuit ...
Intuit's QuickBooks Payroll software makes running payroll for small businesses easy and stress-free. This effortless payroll system works with or without QuickBooks. Try our payroll services for free!



736 Data points

Payroll 1 - Customized Payroll Solutions for Small to ...
Payroll 1 - Customized Payroll Solutions for Small to ...
What We Do. Payroll 1 provides comprehensive payroll processing and tax filing services for employers in any industry in all 50 states, with a tradition of providing exemplary service since 1986.



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Payroll - Wikipedia
Payroll - Wikipedia
A payroll is a company's list of its employees, but the term is commonly used to refer to: . the total amount of money that a company pays to its employees; a company's records of its employees' salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes the company's department that calculates funds and pays these.



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Online Payroll for Small Business | Patriot Software
Online Payroll for Small Business | Patriot Software
Easily run your own payroll and handle payroll taxes yourself. Payroll can be tricky, but we simplify it by offering free, U.S.-based support via phone, email, or chat. Contact us 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday - Friday. Our support is the best! (And we aren't biased at all). Free payroll setup We know ...



585 Data points

ADP offers industry-leading online payroll and HR solutions, plus tax, compliance, benefit administration and more.



541 Data points

Payroll Built for Small Business
Payroll Built for Small Business
Payroll is a basic necessity for every business – you have to pay your employees, make the correct deductions and file taxes. However, it’s not the reason you went into business.



501 Data points

Login & Support | ADP Products and Services
Login & Support | ADP Products and Services
Overview. Payroll. What We Offer. Explore our full range of payroll and HR services, products, integrations and apps for businesses of all sizes and industries.



464 Data points

Version 2019R13.1397. PP84A. Version 2019R13.1397



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Payroll Services Pricing | Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services
Payroll Services Pricing | Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services
See payroll services pricing for Intuit QuickBooks Payroll--use it with or without QuickBooks. Choose the services to best suit your small business. Try it free!



398 Data points

SurePayroll is a Small Business Payroll Company providing Easy Online Payroll Services such as Payroll Tax Services, Accounting Services and 401k Plans.

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600 Third Ave, Fl 2

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40 Exchange Pl, Ste 1602

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740 Broadway, Ste 702

Legendary Lin Tax Service

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